What Is The Reason For PUB-G Delay?


This is an assumption so as to why the game is not available yet…

The application which banned on September 2nd was the global version of Pub-g mobile. On the grounds of privacy and security concerns. So a new application such as Pub-g mobile India resolving all the concerns of the government. In theory, be not subjected to the Previous ban.

But here’s the worry, though we have seen many hints and know from sources. That the game is ready and can be published at any given time. Pub-g Corp might be still worried and would want to be sure. That when the Indian version is available, it doesn’t get banned again after a while. A similar instance happened earlier when an app called “kwai” was banned. Again banned recently when it resurfaced with a new name called “snack video“. Even if Pub-g corp has addressed all the concerns raised by meaty. They would want to be 100% sure that when their new version is available, it doesn’t get banned again. Getting this approval might be the reason for the delay caused.


Date of release:

As far as I know, nobody knows the exact dates. If you are seeing any reports claiming a mate, it might be just their guess or assumptions. As I have said in the last slide, the green signal from the government (meaty) saying that the app won’t be subjected to a ban looks to be the reason for the delay. Some of the sources and reports have claimed the same.

The return teaser and plan for India’s announcement suggests that they are prepared for this and I believe that the game will be available soon. Again when? I don’t know. Just like us, even the developers would want their game to be back as soon as possible. Have no expectations for any official dates or updates I suggest everyone follow the official social media handles:


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