What are the Demands of Farmers In India?


The biggest demand is a rollback of the three agriculture reform laws passed by the Parliament a few months back. The farmer unions say these rules are not in their favor and will promote privatization of agriculture and in turn benefitting hoarders and big corporate houses. They say these laws weaken future prospects.

Farmers’ second demand is a written assurance in the form of a bill that the MSP (Minimum Support Price) and conventional food grain procurement system for the central pool will continue in the future.

The third demand is about a provision under which farmers responsible for burning farm residue can be imprisoned for five years besides a fine up to Rs 1 crore.


The protesters also want the release of farmers arrested on charges of burning paddy stubble in Punjab.


The fourth major demand is that the Centre drops the electricity bill amendment. Farmer unions say if this legislation becomes a law, they will lose free power supply facility as this amendment will promote privatization and discontinuation of free power supplied to farmers in Punjab.

The fifth demands show that protests are not just against the three agriculture laws but to push in other demands. Some farmer unions have also raised local issues and demanded that they be paid sugarcane prices at par with Haryana farmers.


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