Myths that sound true but are actually totally wrong?


You might have seen some scenes in a lot of movies that look real but actually, they are wrong. Here are some of them that I have shown below let me know in the comments if you have ever seen any of them.

Myth: Chloroform immediately knocks people out for several hours.

Truth: It takes at least 5 minutes to feel its effects and it lasts only for a short while.

source: google

Myth: After sex scenes, girls never need to clean out after sex.

Truth: In reality, it would mean that they just lay there with jizz dripping out of their vag for an entire scene at least, which isn’t usually the case.

Myth: The police can trace a phone call within minutes.

Truth: Tracing a phone call takes about an hour.

Myth: You must wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person.

Truth: You should contact the police immediately if you have genuine concerns.

Myth: Drowning victims usually call for help with their hands up above making them easy to notice.

Truth: It’s hard to notice a drowning victim.


Myth: Shooting two guns at the same time looks cool.

Truth: It’s almost impossible to aim two targets simultaneously.

Myth: You can talk to another skydiver during free fall.

Truth: The wind travelling past your ears makes you deaf to any other sounds.

Myth: A door can be unlocked with any gun.

Truth: A padlock shackle is thick and made of iron. A small bullet can’t break it.

Myth: Silencers eliminate practically all of the sound from a gun.

Truth: What the movies are actually showing a called suppressors. Even with a suppressor fitted, guns can still produce a sound of more than 100 decibels, enough to alert everyone nearby.

Myth: One can calmly walk away from a nearby explosion.

Truth: While an inferno might not cause any harm, the resulting shockwave would. The damage to internal organs such as the heart and lungs would be catastrophic, possibly causing them to tear apart.



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