Is it safe to eat street vendor food in India?



Golgappa or Panipuri is a popular snack, but it is also known for its health benefits.

  • Benefits: It was invented by Draupadi as a moderate version of Raj kachauri -a popular snack- as its herbal water cures upset stomach.


Idli-Vada are popular and traditional snacks; but, these are also known for their health benefits.

  • Benefits: Idli is low on cholesterol and salt and Vada is high on protein. Sambhar and chutneys have respective medicinal values.


Chaat is a popular snack and that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

  • Benefits: According to Unani physicians and Ayurvedic physicians; chaat particularly Shakarkandi (sweet potatoes) boosts immunity, digestion, and cardiovascular benefits.


Halwa is a popular sweet, but also known for its health benefits. It is generally enjoyed with Poori or Indian fried bread.

  • Benefits: It was invented in the middle east and introduced in India by visiting merchants and foreign invaders. It is generally recommended to be enjoyed during winter or cold as it rejuvenates the body.


Milk is a popular drink in India and is consumed in large quantities.

  • Benefits: Ayurveda or traditional Indian medical system believes milk as a complete diet.


Indian street food is always safe, but only in moderation. just make sure that the seller has put on gloves and a mask and his stall is clean.

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