Explained: Why are people boycotting the Tandav web series?


Many viewers believe that the makers were attempting to “mock” and “target” the Hindu deity, even as people trended #BoycottTandav. Leaders, celebrities, and other popular stars have joined the chorus to ban the web series. While there is a section of other people who have stood in support of the web series.

About Tandav Web Series

Hindutva police threaten leftist-Islamist VNU students with fake charges. Kanhaiya belonged to JNU. And Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub plays angry “Shiva” in Ali Abbas Zafar’s anti-Hindu propaganda.

He also recites a Muslim Hadith from Attageerb Vattarhib (3/78) while masquerading as Shiva. I still wonder if they made the series in India or Pakistan. Any guesses for who funds such a series?

In reality, Shiva means Kalyan, calmness or goodness. Enough is enough I am hurt by the scenes and Defamation of my Idols And Respected Gods.

Stop these unnecessary web series, which are misleading our youth. VNU students shout Azadi slogans attacking Hindus, inspired by anti-India Pak Film Musalman(2001).

It also shows an upper-caste Hindu insulting a Dalit. Why does Ali Abbas not show the spine to bring out that for ages most heinous atrocity on Dalits has been carried by upper-caste Muslims?


Why this Hindu-hate? Who funds him? This Web Series is against Indian Culture and Sanatan Dharam. It is anti-Dalit and spreads communal hate.

It is an attempt to incite Hindu Muslim violence. Why are these OTT platforms not under any regulation? Had somebody made such a series on peaceful lovers’ god, the matter would have reached the parliament and top courts of the country.

Cast Of Tandav

Just look at the cast of Tandav! You will understand their propaganda. If you didn’t understand, then let me tell you most of the character of this web series are Muslim people like Saif Ali Khan, Gauhar Khan, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. Also, it is written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. So that is why people are thinking that they insulting the Hindu religion.

Source: Google

Can’t we make any series on how these urban Naxals are using the film industry for their propaganda? Someone doesn’t want our country to be peaceful and developed.
People are saying the government should take legal action. Until they pay for insulting the sentiments of the people at large, the message will not pass.

Nudity, Verbal Abuse, Hurting Religious Sentiments is now what Creativity is all about, whether in Films or Web Series. Gov must monitor OTT content to avoid such profanity.

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