Explained: How Elon Musk will build a human colony on Mars.


Elon Musk had started a company in 2002 with the name SpaceX. SpaceX’s motive to make space travel cheaper and make humans multi-planetary means life on more than one planet.

He wants to make a self-sustaining colony on Mars. Which will be independent without depending on earth’s resources. 

Why Elon Musk Wants To Go On Another Planet:

He said; we have two paths. The first way is to stay on earth forever and wait for any future catastrophic event. Maybe there will be a third world war with nuclear weapons or as the dinosaurs were killed by asteroids colliding. In the same way, we too will end.

The other way is that we get out of this planet and live on other planets, this way we can avoid destruction.

Why Does He Want To Go On Mars Only?

What option do we have in our solar system, Venus is very high pressure and acid rain. Second Mercury is also very close to the sun, So it is very hot there, we can go to their Moons they have so many moons but they are very far.

He said we can go to our (Earth’s) moon but for a bigger colony it is small and there is no atmosphere. Our (Earth’s) Moon has fewer resources than Mars.

The Atmosphere Of Mars

Mars is farther from the Sun than Earth. Because of this Mars is very cold. The average temperature on Mars is -60 degrees. Elon says it’s a bit cold but it is possible to make it hotter How? it is a bit controversial. How is the air of Mars, it is very bad. Mars’ atmosphere is mostly 96% carbon dioxide 2.5% Nitrogen 2% Argon. The gas which is useful for us is only 0.174% (Oxygen).

Mars and Earth rotate at approximately the same speed on their axis. Therefore, one day on Mars is only 40 minutes larger than 1 day on earth day is almost equal.


What Are The Plans of Elon Musk About making a colony on Mars?

According to Musk one person’s travel to mars should cost as much as the average expenses of buying a house in America which is 200000$.

By making reusable rockets we can decrease the cost of traveling to Mars.

According to him in the future, there will be thousands of spaceships in the earth’s orbit together all the spaceships will go together on the behalf of Mars. When Mars will be in the correct position. What is the correct position? Which comes every once in 26 months, this period is known as a space window. 

Elon wants to make a city of about 1 million people on Mars. In the beginning, one hundred people and will carry other things. According to Elon after the first launch, it will take 40 to 100 years for 1 million people to get to Mars.

How People Will Stay On The Mars?

Musk has not talked in too much detail Initially, he is talking about terraforming Mars by changing its environment and make it liveable.

How will he do that? Musk says Mars needs to heat up a little bit. To do this, Musk has talked about running nuclear weapons on the poles of Mars. Attack of nuclear on Mars will bring Carbon dioxide there. Firstly life will be formed on Mars in the houses of glass. After that Mars will be terraformed.

Source: Google

He said in 2022 first SpaceX rocket will land on mars, there will be no humans in this rocket, only luggage. It will be helpful for upcoming missions.

Musk had said that by the year 2050, we will be able to see a self-sustaining city, well for that we’ll have to wait.


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