5G Launch Date in India?


Mobile congress 2020 has started. There PM Modi came and talk about a lot of things in between that, he talks about 5G is very important for us and said we will get 5G internet soon!

Jio will be the first to bring 5G in India. 5G can download 1GB file in just 3sec that is an insane speed, for that we have to wait until they launch 5G then we can check if we get this much speed or not.


He also tells that the in upcoming 3 years all villages will also have the access to fast internet.
also told about domestic manufacturing of smartphones in the upcoming year so all people can have smartphones.
After that Ambani came and tell that in the midst of 2021 (after June) we can see 5G in India.
we also going to launch the cheapest 5G phones in India.


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